About Us

There are hundreds of posts available on the internet about photoshop and photo manipulation. You probably have also seen many photos or images that have been photoshopped and inspire others. But there is not one overall place to find, upload, rate and comment on them. Until Now.

Think of us as being a cross between ICanHasCheezbugrer and There I Fixed It with a little bit of good art thrown in for good measure.

Submit your shopped images to submissions@thereishoppedit.com along with your credited name and details you want posted.

There… I shopped It lists edited digital paintings, vector artwork, photo manipulation and visual effects, color work, character design and more.. They are the creations of designers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference. Or, by the average person either for fun or comedy, good, bad or ugly.

You are welcome to share your Photoshopped Photos or images if you want to.

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